Refer a friend. Get rewarded.

Spread the word and spread the wealth

You know the value of an OCCU membership. You get great rates, low fees and personalized service from a credit union committed to helping its members and community thrive.

And when our membership grows, everyone wins.

Now, when you refer a friend to OCCU, you prosper even more!

You know the value of earning more with your Remarkable Checking account, so why not share that value with others? With our Refer-a-Friend program, when a friend opens a Remarkable Checking account at your recommendation, you get $10030. And when they keep that account active for three months, they get $100 too!

You get $100. Your friend gets $100. And OCCU’s membership grows stronger.

It’s win-win-win! And it’s remarkable!

OCCU Members: Get your Refer-a-Friend code and get started

  • Stop by your local branch or call 800.365.1111 and we’ll provide you with a Refer-a-Friend code specifically made for you. Share it as many times as you'd like as you encourage your friends to become OCCU members.
  • Spread the word! OCCU members get great rates and personalized service from a community-minded organization. When our membership grows, we all thrive.
  • When one of your friends visits a branch and successfully opens a Remarkable Checking account during the promotional period and provides your unique code, you’ll be awarded $100 directly into your Remarkable Checking account on the next business day. 
  • That’s it! You can earn up to $500 in bonuses for Refer-a-Friend during a 12-month period.1

Friends: Are you ready to open your own Remarkable Checking account?

  • Stop by your local branch to open your Remarkable Checking account. Accounts opened online are not eligible for the Refer-a-Friend program. You will need a Refer-a-Friend code to participate in the program.
    • If you are not already a member of OCCU you'll need to become one by opening an OCCU primary savings account with a minimum balance of $5. That $5 secures your share in OCCU, making you a member and an owner of OCCU! You can become a member online or when you visit your local branch to open your Remarkable Checking account.
  • Complete the monthly qualifications for the first three months. (When you open your account, your first month’s qualifications are covered.)
    • 12 posted debit card transactions each month.
    • One automatic payment (ACH) or deposit each month.
    • Enroll in electronic statements (eStatements) for each month.
  • You will be awarded $100 in your Remarkable Checking account after your third month of qualifications has been met. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

If you’re a current OCCU member, 18 years or older, in good standing with a Remarkable Checking account, you can participate in the Refer-a-Friend program.

Who qualifies as a “friend”?

Friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, well-wishers, your hair stylist, the person who complimented your hairstyle at the grocery store... anyone you want to help thrive financially. Keep in mind that the person must be at least 18 years old, eligible for an OCCU membership and may not have been the primary account holder of an OCCU Checking account within the last 12 months.

How do I get my bonus?

When a qualifying friend successfully opens a Remarkable Checking account with your Refer-a-Friend code, $100 will automatically be deposited into your Remarkable Checking account.

When will my friend get a bonus?

When your friend visits a branch and signs up for a Remarkable Checking account using your Refer-a-Friend code, they’re well on their way to a $100 bonus. All they need to do is keep their account active for three months, completing the required qualifications that are standard for making the most out of your Remarkable Checking account. This includes:

  • Making 12 debit card transactions each month.
  • Making one automatic payment (ACH) or deposit each month.
  • Enrolling in electronic statements (eStatements) for each month.

When you open your account, your first month’s qualifications are covered.

More questions? Call us at 800.365.1111 or stop by your local branch. We’ll be happy to help!

30OCCU Refer-a-Friend program allows an eligible OCCU member (“Referrer”), who is 18 years old or older, to earn a $100 cash bonus when they refer a Friend to open a Remarkable Checking account. In addition, the Friend can also earn a $100 cash bonus* when certain conditions are met. “Friend” means an individual who opens a Remarkable Checking account during the Program Period and who has been referred to OCCU by Referrer as evidenced by presenting the Referrer’s unique code at account opening. Program is available from 02/21/2023 and 12/31/2023 (the “Program Period”).

To earn a $100 cash bonus, the Referrer must have (1) a Remarkable Checking account and membership in good standing; and (2) Referrer’s unique code applied to an eligible Remarkable Checking account at the time of account opening. Unique code can be obtained by visiting an OCCU branch location or by calling OCCU. Referrers are limited to five (5) referral cash bonuses in any consecutive 12-month period. Referrer and Friend cannot begin credit union membership on the same business day. Referrer will be awarded the $100 cash bonus by deposit to the Referrer’s Remarkable Checking account one business day after their unique code is applied to an eligible Friend’s Remarkable Checking account.

In order for the Friend to be eligible for the $100 cash bonus, at the time of account opening they (1) must be 18 years or older; (2) must have a membership in good standing; (3) must open a Remarkable Checking account in-branch with an OCCU employee during the Program Period and provide unique referral code during account opening; and (4) cannot be, or have been, the primary account owner on any active OCCU checking account during the 12 months immediately preceding the Program Period. To earn the $100 cash bonus, Friend must complete all monthly qualifying factors during each of the first two monthly statement cycles immediately following the month the account was opened. The monthly qualifying factors are (1) maintaining active enrollment in eStatements; (2) performing 12 posted debit card transactions; and, (3) performing one direct deposit or automatic payment. The month in which the Remarkable Checking account is opened will automatically count towards meeting the qualifications, whether qualifying factors are met or not. Friend will be awarded the $100 cash bonus by deposit to Friend’s Remarkable Checking account the first day of the month following the month in which qualifications and all other account opening requirements are met.

Refer-a-Friend cash bonus offer valid for a limited time only and is subject to change or termination at any time without notice. Program may not be combined with any other OCCU offer or incentive. OCCU reserves the right to disqualify any referrals that OCCU believes, in its sole discretion, were not made in good faith. OCCU employees and official family, including members of their households, are eligible for this Program. Taxes due on the cash bonus deposits are the sole responsibility of the recipient. OCCU will report all cash bonus deposits to the appropriate state and federal agencies as required by applicable law. Additional qualification requirements may apply, please contact OCCU for details.

14.00% annual percentage yield (APY) intro rate effective for the first month of new account opening and 6 statement cycles (“cycle”) after for balances of $20,000 or below. Remaining balances greater than $20,000, will receive a rate of .20% APY. After the intro period, a 2.00% APY is applied to the first $20,000. Remaining balances greater than $20,000, will receive a rate of .20% APY. All rates subject to the following qualifying factors required per cycle: 1) 12 settled debit card transactions; 2) 1 direct deposit or ACH debit or credit transaction (excluding OCCU’s Bill Pay service); and 3) active enrollment in eStatements. If one or more of the qualifying factors are not met, account will receive a default rate of .05% APY for that cycle. Statement cycle = first day of the month to the last day of the month (ex. May 1 – May 31). APYs effective as of 04/22/2023 and subject to change. Introductory offer may end at any time, contact OCCU for details. Fees could reduce earnings.