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Are you ready to take on the homebuying journey? With the wide variety of mortgage options for every financial journey, our team of experts will be with you each step of the way to help find the right mortgage for you. We offer low closing cost options, fast processing and competitive rates for homes located in Oregon and Washington. Soon you’ll be home and we can’t wait to help get you there.

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100% home. 0% down.

Your dream of home ownership is waiting for you. We built our 100% home loan financing program to help get you there.

With our 100% home loan financing program, there’s no reason to delay your dream of home ownership. This program is great for first-time homebuyers or buyers who currently do not have a mortgage. With our 100% home loan financing, you’ll be home sooner than you thought possible with zero down and zero mortgage insurance.


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Loan glossary (click to expand)

DTI – Debt to Income ratio

EMD – Earnest Money Deposit (copy of cancelled check or wire receipt for earnest money deposit on a purchase).

Escrow (Also referred to as Title Company) – An escrow is a process wherein the Buyer and Seller deposit written instructions, documents and funds with a neutral third party until certain conditions are fulfilled. Escrow services are generally provided by a title insurance company instead of an attorney. Can act as the middleman between a seller and a buyer of a home.

Escrow Reserves/Account – An escrow account is a reserve account to hold funds for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance that will be due each year. The lender may require that borrower put money into the account depending on the Loan to Value (LTV), or it can be an option for those who rather have the property tax and insurance payments rolled into their monthly mortgage payment.

FHA – A government mortgage backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). 

Fixed rate – A mortgage loan that includes fixed, non-changing interest through the life of the loan.

Home equity lines of credit (HELOC) – A revolving line of credit (similar to a credit card) that uses a home as collateral and is sometimes referred to as a second mortgage.

Home Equity Loan (HE Loan) – An installment loan with fixed payments and a fixed rate that uses a home as collateral and is sometimes referred to as a second mortgage.

Jumbo – A mortgage loan that allows buyers to finance more than the conforming loan limit.

Lien – A lender’s claim against a piece of collateral that may be legally sold should the borrower fail to repay the loan.

Lien Position – When a collateral has more than one lien, priority determines the lienholders’ rights after a sale. A first lien has priority over a second lien and therefore gets paid from sale proceeds before a second lien.

LTV – Loan to Value ratio.

PITI – All portions of a mortgage payment including Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance

Prelim – A preliminary title report is prepared prior to issuing a policy of title insurance; this report shows the ownership of the home along with liens and encumbrances on the property which will not be covered under a subsequent title insurance policy.

Refinancing – Paying off your current loan with the proceeds of a new loan. 

Title insurance – This insurance protects OCCU from financial loss sustained from defects in a title to a property; you may hear this referred to as a prelim or preliminary title report.

VA – A government mortgage backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

Vesting – This clarifies ownership of the property. Vested owners own the property.

Calculate your monthly payments

With this calculator, you can see how your payment impacts your principal over time. 

Fixed rate options

We have a variety of fixed programs to make home ownership a reality for you. Talk with our loan officers about first-time home buying programs, VA loans, FHA loans, USDA loans and 15 to 30-year terms to see which programs meet your needs best. All our loan programs offer competitive rates and low closing cost options.*

Conventional loans

If you’re looking for a traditional mortgage that fits your budget, look no further. When you finance your home with OCCU, you know you’re getting a competitive rate and a team of experts by your side. Let's connect and get you on the path to your next home.


Refinancing your mortgage can give you the flexibility to take advantage of lower rates, pay off your home loan sooner or allow you to take some of the equity out for home improvements. OCCU's Mortgage Advisors are happy to connect with you and discuss all options. 

Jumbo loans

Mortgage options differ based on the amount you’re looking to borrow. For mortgages that exceed the standard conforming loan amount of $726,200, a jumbo loan may be a great option. Most lenders require a 20% to 30% down payment, but OCCU’s jumbo home loans require as little as 3% down for eligible borrowers.

15-year mortgage

It’s the move that can save you thousands. Financing or refinancing your home with a 15-year mortgage shortens the lifetime of your loan and has less interest compared to traditional 30-year mortgages. See how you can score extra points for your financial picture.

First-time buyer programs

With our 100% home loan financing program there’s no reason to delay your dreams of home ownership any longer. You’ll be home sooner than you thought possible with zero down and zero mortgage insurance.

Take homebuying one step at a time

The OCCU Homebuying 101 Center has resources to help you navigate the steps toward home ownership. Walk through the entire homebuying process, from pre-qualification to getting your keys. By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of what to expect on your homebuying journey.

Have questions?

Whether you’re just beginning the process or you’ve already found your dream home and are ready to apply, our loan officers are here to guide you through the homebuying process and answer your questions. Let's connect!

27Lock and Shop agreement is not a loan approval or loan preapproval; borrower must qualify and be preapproved for loan; loan must close and fund no later than lock expiration date to receive the rate shown in the Lock and Shop agreement; rate lock not available on all OCCU loan programs; Lock and Shop rate and points are subject to change based on certain loan factors including, but not limited to, the loan amount, property value, credit qualifications, occupancy and property type.