Manage your finances with Quicken

With MyOCCU Online you can connect to Quicken to easily manage your finances. As part of the transition to the new MyOCCU Online& Mobile, we’ve included instructions below for reconnecting your Quicken account to OCCU. We’ve also included instructions for downloading your transactions from the new system. Please note you must contact Quicken directly for assistance with Quicken.

Deactivate and reactive your OCCU connection

You will need to disconnect and reconnect to establish your connection to the new MyOCCU Online & Mobile. Select your system and software type from the list below to view further instructions.


If you are currently using... Option 1 Option 2
OCCU Quicken Web Connect OCCU Web Connect MAC OCCU Web Connect Windows
OCCU Quicken Express Web Connect OCCU Express Web Connect MAC OCCU Express Web Connect Windows


Download your transactions

Once logged in to MyOCCU Online from a desktop device, navigate to the account you would like to connect to Quicken. From here you can export your transactions into multiple file formats that can be imported into a finance management tool, such as Quicken.

  1. Navigate

    Navigate to the Accounts widget and choose a specific account.

  2. Search

    Use the search box to filter the displayed transactions. Use the funnel icon to the right of the search box for additional filter options, including dates of transactions.

    digital banking accounts screen
  3. Export

    Choose download icon located below the search box to activate the Export Transactions screen. Use the Export button to initiate file download.

    export transactions digital banking menu
  4. Open and save

    Open and save the file and then import into Quicken.

    From the MyOCCU Mobile app, you cannot export your transactions for Quicken or access Quicken. Please use a desktop.

    For additional assistance with Quicken, please contact Quicken directly.