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They have the ability to understand where you’re coming from because they know where you’ve been, they know where you’re going and they help you get there.
Damon Burian, OCCU member since 2009
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From reaching financial stability to teaching their children to save, every OCCU member has a special story to share.

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Oregon Community Credit Union helped me and my family establish financial stability.
Stefan Williams, OCCU member since 2013
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We can feel good about doing our business with OCCU because then in a way we’re also giving back to the community on our own.
Kyle Welch, OCCU member since 2013
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It isn’t just a place to put your money; it’s a place to grow your money.
Jan Burch, OCCU member since 1976
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Being a member of OCCU, I feel like I’m part of the community... I feel like I’m giving back to the local area.
Beau Garner, OCCU member since 2001
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They’ve always been great, and when I think of Oregon, I think of home, and OCCU is so tied to Oregon.
Melissa Hurley, OCCU Member since 1990