Personal lending that works for you

No matter what life throws at you, you’ll find the right personal lending option at OCCU. If you’re ready to begin your passion project, want to be ready for a rainy day, or you need funds quickly for an emergency, we’re here to meet you where you are on your financial journey.

  Personal Line of Credit Personal Loan Priority Cash®
Decision based on* Credit Credit Relationship with OCCU
Type of credit Revolving line of credit Installment loan Installment loan
Disbursement Reoccuring One-time One-time
APR** as low as 13.50% 12.49% 36%
Origination fees $0 $0 $25
Decision timeframe 5 to 10 minutes*** 5 to 10 minutes*** 60 seconds


*Decision based on all loans are subject to loan application details.

**Annual Percentage Rate

***Depending on details and time of day some applications may take up to 24 hours. Applications are approved during business hours, any applications submitted during non-business hours may take longer for decisioning.

Personal Loan

We get it, sometimes you can find yourself needing or wanting access to some extra cash. Personal loans can help when you need to cover your planned and unplanned expenses.

When a personal loan might work best for you

  • Consolidate high-interest debts into one lower payment
  • Cover an unexpected repair or purchase
  • Cover adoption or medical expenses when growing your family

Features of a personal loan

  • Rates as low as 12.49% APR (annual percentage rate)35
  • Finance up to $50,00034
  • No origination, service or annual fees
  • One-time installment loan
  • Automatic payments available

Personal Line of Credit

A personal line of credit (PLOC) provides you the flexibility to access funds when needed typically at lower rates compared to credit cards. Plus, you can set your personal line of credit as overdraft protection. This helps you prevent having a transaction declined for insufficient funds. Being prepared for expected and unexpected expenses is possible with a personal line of credit.

When a PLOC might work best for you

  • Start a passion project
  • Be ready for a rainy day
  • Get overdraft protection
  • Access to funds when needed

Features of a personal line of credit

  • Rates as low as 13.50% APR (annual percentage rate)35
  • Lines of Credit up to $50,00034
  • No origination, service or annual fees
  • Revolving line of credit – use it and pay it off as much as you need
  • Withdrawals done in branch or online with MyOCCU Online & Mobile

Priority Cash

We understand that emergencies happen and don’t allow much time to react. We’re here to help you through times of uncertainty by offering current members access to funds quickly — without pulling credit like traditional personal lending options. We value our members and make their emergencies our priority.

Is your credit less than stellar? That’s OK. Priority Cash is based on your relationship with us and can provide access up to $4,000 — immediately.

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2Loan amounts are based on credit qualifications

34The personal line of credit interest rate is a variable APR based on the prime rate, plus margin. Depending on credit qualifications, the APR is 13.50-28.24%. Rate is current as of 06/11/2024.

35Depending on credit qualifications and term length, the APR is 12.49-24.49%. Rate is current as of 06/11/2024.