Scammers are always trying to find new ways to access your information and your accounts. They’ll call, text and email you, pretending to be a person you know or a trusted organization, like your friendly neighborhood credit union!

Phishing, vishing and other forms of fraud

At OCCU, we take every step possible to protect your personal information and your finances. That includes providing you with resources to help you spot the scams so you can stay vigilant. 

Because when we work together, your finances and your information are doubly fortified against intruders.

Common scams to be aware of:

Protect yourself

We love getting to see and talk to our members. You’ll get the occasional email from us, and we’ll call you upon request. But we will never send emails or text messages or make unsolicited phone calls that ask you to log in to internet banking. And we’ll never call or email asking for your PIN or password.

To protect yourself against scammers, please be highly suspicious when receiving phone calls or messages that direct you to provide credit card numbers, account information or other personal information.

Instead of providing any information, we advise you to contact the organization directly to verify the validity of the message (if the caller says they’re from OCCU, for example, hang up and call our offices).

Report suspicious activity

If you have any concerns or questions about any email, phone call, text message or any other suspicious communication from OCCU, do not hesitate to contact us by calling one of our regular phone numbers:

Local: 541.687.2347

Out of area: 800.365.1111

To report fraud on your debit card: 888.918.7313


Helpful financial security resources:

IRS Identity Protection: Prevention, Detection, and Victim Assistance

National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Consumer Website

National Fraud Information Center

Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Protection Website

Securities and Exchange Commission