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Meet Tom Larson

Tom has been a member of OCCU since 1975. Tom served 10 years as a Supervisory Committee member and in 2009 served as Chair of that committee. Tom also served as an Associate Board Member from 2008 to 2011 when he was elected to the Board of Directors. Tom retired in 2013 after a 38-year career as a business administrator at the University of Oregon, including the last 19 years as senior associate athletic director for finance and contracts during the Athletic Department's unprecedented years of success and budgetary growth. During this period the UO Athletic Department became one of less than a dozen self-supporting athletic departments in the nation. He was involved in the financial planning and presentation of multimillion-dollar expansion projects to the state legislative Ways and Means Committee. His career included internal audit, state contracts, and systemwide accounting conversion projects

Tom Larson