5 ways to save money on pet expenses

Woman laying in grass with puppy on top of her licking her face
OCCU  -  03.23.2016

There’s nothing like a loyal pet. Pets make bad days better, they give you an excuse to get outside and get some exercise, and they give great cuddles. It’s proven that pets can make people both happier and healthier. While pets are undeniably wonderful, they are also pretty expensive. Things like pet food, dog toys, and vet bills can add up quick. If you’re thinking of bringing home a new pet, consider these simple money-saving tips.

1. Rescue a pet

There are countless sweet, adorable pets at local shelters who need homes. Adoption is often cheaper than purchasing a pet from a breeder. Plus, rescue pets are often older in age and usually already house trained. When you adopt a pet, you can save money and a life.

2. Get your pet spayed or neutered

Getting your pet spayed or neutered doesn’t just help you avoid raising a litter of puppies or kittens. It also helps prevent issues for your pet like skin conditions as well as ovarian, uterine and testicular cancer. If you’re adopting a pet, you’ll likely be able to find one that’s already been spayed or neutered.

3. Groom your pet yourself

A trip to the groomer is expensive. If your pet will sit calmly, consider grooming your pet yourself. You can save nearly $30 by grooming and cutting their nails yourself. You can find pet grooming supplies at your local pet store and installing a shower wand can make bath time easier.

4. Insure your pet

Just like your own medical bills are more expensive without insurance, so are your pet’s vet bills. By getting insurance for your pet through OCCU, you can avoid huge expenses if something were to happen to your furry friend. Plus, if you have multiple pets it’s usually cheaper to get insurance for each new pet added to the plan.

5. Pay a friend to pet sit

Boarding pets is expensive, especially if you’re going out of town for a long vacation. Think about neighbors or friends you know who love pets. Chances are you could find a trustworthy teen or friend to watch your pet for much less than the cost of boarding. Many people without pets would love an excuse to come play with a cute cat or dog for a few bucks. Plus, your pets would love being surrounded by other pet lovers!

If you’re not sure whether you can afford a new pet, reach out to an OCCU representative at 800.365.1111. We’d love to look at your budget to help you prepare for a furry friend.