Grow your business with marketing

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OCCU  -  03.22.2016

When it comes to attracting customers to your business, sales and marketing can make a huge difference. With effective sales and marketing practices, you can attract new business while building loyalty in existing customers. Learn how to boost your business with these five simple sales and marketing tips.

  1. Think about what your customers need to know
    Chances are, you’ve had a handful of customers ask you the same question. When this occurs, write down the question and the answer. By answering potential questions on your website or social media channels, you can provide a valuable service for your customers. Plus, by answering common questions on your website, you’ll show up as a helpful resource when prospective customers search for the question and answer online.
  2. Be straightforward with your customers
    Customers are only going to purchase your products and services if they feel you’re giving them something of value in a transaction they can trust. Complex jargon or unclear explanations can complicate a transaction, making customers less likely to purchase. Instead, explain simply what you have to offer. Use conversational language that’s easy to understand. This will help build trust with your customers and make visiting your business more valuable.
  3. Follow up with your customers
    Successful businesses build ongoing relationships with customers after a product or service is purchased. You want to keep in touch with your customers. By simply inviting them to subscribe to a monthly newsletter or to connect with you via social media, you can create a continuing relationship. Next time they need to purchase the same product or service, they’ll think of you.
  4. Write down important talking points
    When a customer asks a question or raises a concern, it's vital that you and your employees are on the same page. You want to always provide consistent and accurate information when you respond to customers. Writing down talking points for you and your employees helps to ensure that your business projects fairness and consistency in its customer relationships.
  5. Don’t forget to have a little fun
    Customers notice when employees love their jobs and enjoy working together. It helps to create a positive customer experience that makes repeat business more likely. Giving your employees reasons to enjoy their work gives your customers reasons to enjoy doing business with you.