Hit your financial goals in no time with a CD

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OCCU  -  07.16.2019

You work hard for your money so you want it to go further than paying for internet, sushi takeout and the gym. After all, you’ve got dreams and you’ve got goals.

One way to chase your dreams and achieve your goals is by investing your savings in a certificate of deposit (CD). You’ll get a higher interest rate with a CD than you would by keeping your money in a savings account, and you’ll enjoy the same level of security.


Flexible savings options

CDs are a flexible savings option because you can choose the term length that fits your goals – from six months to five years. Leaving the funds untouched for the term of the CD will allow it to accumulate interest and you’ll get the greatest return out of it. A CD ensures your money earns a consistent interest rate. And with a bump-up CD, you can take advantage of a one-time interest rate hike if market rates increase. You can even make one extra deposit during a 24- or 48-month term. You don’t need a huge chunk of cash to get started either. With as little as $500, you can open a CD and start earning.


Why it works

Maybe you’ve accumulated some money in your savings account and you want to put it toward a car in two years. Stowing that cash in a 24-month CD at OCCU will bring a higher yield than keeping it in your savings account. Aside from the interest you’ll earn there’s a bonus to putting the money in a CD – you’ll be less tempted to spend it before it’s time to buy your new car. If you’ll need the cash sooner, you can stash your money in a shorter term CD. It will still work harder and earn more interest than it would in a traditional savings account. 


Extra perks

Investing in a CD with a credit union has advantages, such as generous rates. Since credit unions are member-owned, we choose to invest back into the pockets of our members.

At OCCU, your money stays local. Convenient locations make it easy to stop by a branch or give us a phone call if you want to make adjustments. We also offer online banking to check your balance on the go or send us a secure message.


What’s next

Investing in a CD is the most efficient way to chase – and catch – your dreams!


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