How will you pay for college?

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OCCU  -  07.18.2017

If you haven't made a plan to pay for college this fall don't fret! Start by making a plan.
From getting started with your FAFSA to exploring non-traditional funding sources our flowchart walks you through various funding options to make a plan. 

How to pay for college

A step-by-step guide


Step one: Apply for financial aid

Fill out a FAFSA to find out whether you’re eligible for federal:

  • Grants
  • Student loans
  • Work study

Have you filed your FAFSA yet?


That’s an easy fix! Just visit

Yes! Move on to step two

Step two: Apply for scholarships

Are you an honor-roll student?

Yes: Merit-based scholarships let you rest on your laurels

Do you play sports?

Yes: Athletic scholarships help student athletes pay for college

Have you chosen a major yet?

Yes: There may be scholarships just for your major

There’s a lot of free money out there. Dig some up at

Step three: Calculate the cost of school

Add up all the costs of going to college, including:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Books
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Travel expenses

Got everything covered?

Yes: High-five! You’ll be a college grad in no time.

No: No worries! There are other funding options to help cover the difference. You or your parents can: