Your student loan journey: Take charge of your repayment plan.

OCCU  -  09.25.2023

Feeling a little nervous about student loan repayment plans starting up on October 1? Student loan repayments don’t have to be daunting; they can be an opportunity for empowerment and financial growth. Stay on track by using this checklist.


Student loan repayment checklist:

  • Know your loan details: Be aware of your loan specifics – types, amounts and interest rates.
  • Know your monthly budget: Calculate a monthly budget that covers loans and life expenses.
  • Choose a plan: Pick a repayment plan that suits your budget.
  • Stay updated: Monitor your loan account for changes.
  • Ask for help: Contact your loan servicer when you need guidance.
  • Celebrate wins: Pat yourself on the back for milestones achieved!