Simple tips for vacation budgeting

Summer Vacation Budget Image
OCCU  -  05.06.2016

It’s almost summer, which means family camping trips and beachside vacations are around the corner. From rental cars to theme park admission, we know vacation costs add up quickly. To keep you on budget, we’ve compiled a list of simple reminders and a downloadable vacation budget worksheet that will help you plan for a remarkable vacation without breaking the bank.



It’s easy to forget how much you can spend eating out every meal while on vacation, especially if you’re visiting touristy destinations. Determine how much you can afford to spend on food while on vacation. Then do some research on restaurants that will align to your budget. You can often find menu prices on a restaurant’s website.

Ground transportation

If you’re flying on your next trip, don’t forget the cost of transportation once you reach your destination. Cab fare to and from the hotel or rental car expenses can add up to a pretty penny when all is said and done. Remember to budget every ride you think you might take.


Sometimes the best moments on vacation are the ones that don’t cost anything. Ask locals about their favorite landmarks or recreational spots. However, don’t forget to budget for the more expensive activities you’re planning to do, such as visiting aquariums or museums.

Phone and internet access

If you’re traveling out of the country, don’t forget to ask your cell phone service provider about rates for using your phone, including the internet, to avoid surprise charges. Call the hotel(s) you’re staying at and ask them if they have Wi-Fi. Depending on where you’re staying, you might not have access to free Wi-Fi, so put some money aside and expect to pay extra fees.

For more help with budgeting for your next vacation, download our vacation budget worksheet. You may also consider setting up an OCCU savings account, where you’ll earn interest while saving for your next vacation. Here’s to a memorable summer!