Your membership creates momentum

OCCU operates by the philosophy of people helping people. We accompany our members on their financial journeys with products, services and insights to help them thrive. And through our member impact program, the OCCU Foundation and beyond, we work to improve and enrich the lives of our community at large.

When you joined OCCU, you not only became a member but an owner as well. That means you are one of those people helping people. In short …

You are a force for good

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The paycheck you bring home every month means you can feed your family, pay your bills and save for the future.

But what you may not know is that your day-to-day routine is making a positive impact beyond your own home.

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When you choose OCCU to invest in yourself, you’re investing in others as well. Your investment propels you toward your money goals and helps others to take flight as well.

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Share your force-for-good story with us

So, you see, the story doesn’t start with us or your membership.

It starts with you.

Beyond the walls of the credit union, you are out in the world, a force for positive change. From the work you do, the businesses you support, the nonprofits you promote — it all creates momentum toward a healthy, thriving community. And that deserves to be celebrated.

Tell us how …

  • You are a force for good.
  • A member of our team was a force for good.
  • Our OCCU community together was a force for good.

Let’s keep the story going.

Here are some force-for-good stories shared by our members and team:

You are a part of the credit union. A person helping people. Your membership makes an impact that ripples throughout the community, enriching lives as it goes. Share your story and help inspire others to be a force for good.