Manage your security settings

With MyOCCU Online & Mobile you have access to advanced security settings. 

Navigate to security settings

From the Security tab under Settings, you can edit your username and password, enable two-factor authentication methods, manage your security questions and view/manage remembered devices. Two-factor authentication allows for one-time codes to be sent to your device of choice via SMS to verify your identity at login. 

     From a desktop

     To view all the security options, navigate to Settings on your desktop

Digital banking security menu

From the app

Select the Security option on your MyOCCU Mobile app.

Digital banking settings menu

Edit your username and password

You can edit your username or password with the pencil icon. Be sure to save your changes. 

From the MyOCCU Mobile app, tap the menu icon to locate Settings. Under the Security section in the mobile app you can edit your password. Your username can only be edited from your desktop.

Two-factor authentication

Register to receive an authentication code via SMS or voice call or choose to use security questions or email for verification upon logging into MyOCCU Online & Mobile. You can enable multiple authentication options but you must choose one preferred method. Follow the steps below to make your selections.  

Enable authentication methods

Please make sure you have already enabled your phone to receive messages via SMS under the Contact tab before completing the steps below.

  1. Navigate

    Navigate to Settings. Select the Security tab.

  2. Edit

    Choose the pencil icon next to the option you would like to enable. Toggle the Off/On button to disable or enable your selection.

  3. Select

    To choose your preferred method, check the box Set as preferred authentication method. Complete any remaining fields or complete necessary verification. Use the Done button to save your selection.

Remembered devices

In the security settings tab, you can view the devices you have chosen to remember, the date the device was registered and the date it was last used to access your online banking. To remove a remembered device, use the trash can icon to the right of the device name.

Push notification registered devices

You can also view the devices you have registered for push notifications. To remove a remembered device, use the trash can icon to the right of the device name.