A new way to manage your OCCU debit card

You can now activate your new OCCU contactless debit card! Call 800.631.3197 from your phone number on file with OCCU to activate your card and set your personal identification number (PIN). If you are traveling internationally, then please call 1.727.540.9434. As of May 8 your previous OCCU debit card will no longer support transactions.

With your security and convenience in mind, we’re pleased to introduce our new contactless Visa® debit card. This new card brings a more secure buying experience as well as new card controls and customizable alerts in MyOCCU Online & MobileAll members should have received a new debit card in the mail. If you have not received your new contactless debit card, please connect with our team for additional support.

What is a contactless card?  

Your OCCU contactless Visa debit card contains a chip that lets you make payments securely to merchants across the country without your card leaving your hand. Although paying with a contactless card is sometimes called “tap to pay,” you don’t have to touch the machine at all. If your card is in close proximity to the contactless symbol on the device, you can finish your transaction safely and securely.  

With your contactless card, you’ll get: 

  • More protection. The chip communicates with any payment machine where contactless payments are enabled and generates a one-time code to protect your payment information. This makes it far more secure than the old magnetic stripe technology, which leaves your sensitive information vulnerable to hackers who can create a duplicate stripe for making fraudulent transactions.  

  • More convenience. No more swiping, reswiping, accidentally taking your card out of the terminal too soon, reswiping again — you know the drill — and it’s a thing of the past.  

How to activate your new OCCU debit card and set up your PIN 

  • Call 800.631.3197 from your phone number on file with OCCU to activate your card and set your personal identification number (PIN).   
  • If you are traveling internationally, then please call 1.727.540.9434 to activate your card and set your PIN.
  • Not sure which number is on file? Check MyOCCU Online & Mobile under Settings. If you need to update your file, it’s easy to do. Here's how.

I activated my card, what’s next?

  • Take account of any automatic payments that are made with your previous debit card. Your new card has a new card number, so you'll want to update your card information before your next billing cycle. Your info may be saved in more places than you think — be sure to consider everything from digital wallets to pet grooming when you make your updates.
  • Check out the card info update checklist below for common places where your card info might be saved.

Stay informed

Communication is key! We’ll send you information about your OCCU Visa® debit card via: 

  • Statements and eStatements. 

  • Direct emails.  

  • Messaging within MyOCCU Online & Mobile.  

  • Phone calls from our team.  

  • Updates on this page.  

Where to manage your card  

You can see your balance and manage your debit card on MyOCCU Online & Mobile. You can access a new option called Manage Cards when you log in to MyOCCU Online & Mobile. Here you’ll be able to add card alerts like blocking or unblocking your card, manage transaction limits, set travel notices and more!

Use anywhere with thousands of Co-Op ATMs available in the US and Canada

Wherever you live, you’ll have no shortage of machines. You can visit any OCCU branch location and access your account through our ATMs and interactive teller machines, of course. But you can also connect to your OCCU account through 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the nation — that’s more than you’d get with any bank.  

Transactions from my old card

Due to the recent debit card transition, recent transactions made using your old OCCU debit card prior to May 10 may appear as “SALE XX” in your account history. Also, MyOCCU Online & Mobile may be displaying inaccurate categories like “Securities Trade”. Transaction amounts for these transactions are displayed accurately. 

If you do not recognize a transaction amount, please let us know. Our team can review the transactions and provide further merchant information. 

What to do if you don’t receive your card  

If you have not received your card, please call 800.365.1111 or send us a secure message in MyOCCU Online & Mobile.

Digital wallets and your OCCU debit card

If you use a digital wallet like Apple Pay® or a mobile payment service like Venmo®, you can now add your OCCU debit card. A digital wallet allows you to make purchases using your mobile device, so you don’t need to carry your card around.

If you have any issues adding your new OCCU debit card to a digital wallet or mobile payment service, please call our team for additional support 800.365.1111.

Have questions or need help? 

Our team is here to help. Connect with us and we’ll help get you started with your new contactless card.