Get ready to close on your new home

Your home is almost a reality! Once you received your property appraisal and title search, it's time to review your final charges and close on your new home. First, let's go over the process so you know what to expect.

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Who will be there?

Escrow Officer and you, the homebuyer

Who might be there?

Your loan officer and your REALTOR®

Where will you meet?

When it's time to close, you'll meet at the office of the escrow company. Talk to your REALTOR about where to meet, as well as which one of you should schedule the appointment.


What documents will you review?

To give yourself enough time to thoroughly review your closing documents. You will receive a copy three days prior to closing day. If the documents aren't yet drawn and you can't receive them early, you should still pace yourself as you review and call your loan officer with any questions.

Closing disclosure

This disclosure explains all the costs and charges you're responsible for at closing. It also outlines how the loan estimate compares to the final closing costs.

Final TILA statement

This statement explains the cost of your loan and annual percentage rate.

Certificate of occupancy

This document ensures that newly-built homes are in compliance to code.

Mortgage or deed of trust

This is a documented agreement between the buyer and the lender to secure the requirements of the mortgage note.

Mortgage note

This document reviews the amount and terms of your loan as well as repercussions if you fail to make your mortgage payments.

Final payments:

When you close, you'll also pay all final costs with certified funds by either a wire transfer or certified check to escrow. Though these costs will be outlined in your closing disclosure, talk to your REALTOR beforehand to make sure you know exactly how much to bring.

Before closing day, take a moment to review our guide to Avoiding Closing Pitfalls. It takes about two business days after you sign to get your keys. Don't forget to coordinate getting them with your REALTOR®.

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