Save as you grow

Helping the littles in your life to thrive is about creating a strong foundation for their future. By taking the simple step of helping the kids in your life set up a savings account, they can get firsthand experience of the value of money and how saving today can lead to a better tomorrow.

Setting up our youngest members for financial success

Kids as young as 3 can start to understand the basics of managing money, like spending and saving. By age 6, they’re ready to learn more about how to spend money earned and compare prices. By 11, they can understand more complicated concepts like privacy, security and saving a portion of their earnings. And at 14, it’s time to dive into the day to day of money management and financing, like understanding budgeting, taxes and debts.

Opening a youth savings account

No matter what age, bringing the kids with you to open a primary savings account is an easy way to get them excited about taking ownership of their money.

  •  A $5 minimum balance must be maintained to secure membership.
  • We charge no monthly fees.
  • Interest is compounded and credited monthly.

See all rates and fees associated with OCCU’s checking and savings accounts.

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