OCCU Foundation and Parenting Now: investing in parenting education

 Father and daughter, grinning face to face.
OCCU  -  04.18.2023

Since 2018, OCCU Foundation has given nearly $3 million to build happier and healthier communities by giving generously to projects that advance learning, improve well-being and support communities throughout Oregon. The foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation funded by OCCU, businesses, families and individuals. 

Recently, OCCU Foundation partnered with a Eugene-based nonprofit to make a wide impact close to home: with support from OCCU Foundation, family education organization Parenting Now launched an updated Spanish-language edition of its flagship curriculum, “Make Parenting a Pleasure,” in March 2023. 

Partnering to expand parenting education 

In 2021, OCCU Foundation provided a grant of $40,000 to Parenting Now. The grant helped to translate and update “Haga de la Familia un Placer,” the Spanish version of “Make Parenting a Pleasure.” Parenting Now brought the course current with the latest in parenting, neuroscience and child development research. 

This new edition aims to be a go-to resource for Spanish-speaking families locally and across the U.S. The curriculum promotes positive family relationships and child development. It’s tailored to be accessible to families of diverse backgrounds with children from birth to age eight. 

“OCCU Foundation’s support of these updates to Parenting Now’s curriculum underscores our passion for promoting health and education for all in our community,” says OCCU President & CEO Ron Neumann. “Strong families mean healthier and happier kids and parents. That’s something with wide impact in our community, and OCCU is proud to be a part of it.” 

Creating family support networks in our communities 

Parenting Now provides parenting education and support to families with young children. The organization brings together parents to share parenting experiences, increase knowledge of early childhood development, learn about community resources and create support networks. 

After completing the course, one parent commented that the class changed their life: “I learned to give love and to love myself more.” Another parent expressed gratitude for the program, saying, “I have become more present with raising my children … I also manage my stress better.” 

“Haga de la Familia un Placer” will be taught at Parenting Now’s campus in Eugene and at similar agencies around the country. What's more, sales to other organizations will help support other programs at Parenting Now by providing cash inflow, allowing Parenting Now to extend accessibility to more families in Eugene and beyond. 

The OCCU Foundation’s vision is to create a community where people and neighborhoods thrive. Learn more here and discover ways you can partner with the foundation.