Shop local, save local, support local

Woman shopping local
OCCU  -  11.17.2023

Listen. No one’s going to argue the convenience of online shopping. Ordering things from a large retailer is easy.  

But it doesn’t make the same impact as a local purchase. It doesn’t kick off the cycle of support that shopping locally does.  

A book from an independent bookstore means something, for example. It means revenue so that the store owner can keep her business up and running. It means someone in your neighborhood can keep his job. It means you can make a personal connection when you make that purchase. You can get a personal recommendation, rather than trusting an algorithm. 

The same goes for where you put your money. When you trust a local credit union like OCCU, you’re supporting your community. Because we’re a not-for-profit cooperative, our profits are invested right back into our members, often in the form of reduced fees and lower interest rates on loans.    

And the deposits you make? They become loans for other members. People are able to buy houses and cars and start businesses and invest in themselves because you did the same.  

When you keep your money local, it makes an impact on the community around you.  

According to the GoWest Credit Union Association’s latest report,  2.3 million Oregonians trusted credit unions with their money last year. That allows the credit unions to do things like: 

  • Contribute $5.2 million to charities. 

  • Provide $7.8 billion in home loans. 

  • Provide $7.3 billion in auto loans. 

  • Provide $155 million in loans to local businesses. 

Incredible, right? Take a look at OCCU’s most recent impact report to see the effect we’re making together. 

Your membership, your deposits, your support all have a ripple effect throughout the entire community. Businesses boom, jobs are created, communities thrive. 

By investing in yourself, you’re investing in your community. We’re able to offer you top-of-market rates on your savings accounts and competitive loan rates because of the not-for-profit community spirit that guides credit unions like OCCU.  

And what will you do with all that extra money you’re saving and earning? Might we suggest … shopping locally?