Protecting the privacy and security of your business finances

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OCCU  -  03.15.2024

Secure financial information is essential to doing business, and OCCU makes privacy and security a top priority. You and your employees also can take some simple steps to prevent common security breaches. A few good technology habits can help protect the privacy and security of your business accounts. Like:  

  1. Use strong passwords
    Strong passwords should be a minimum of eight characters, preferably including numbers and symbols. Enforce this policy throughout your company, and implement regular password change policies.
  2. Ignore suspicious emails
    OCCU will never ask for sensitive account information, such as PINs or passwords, in email. That holds for the vast majority of financial institutions. Here are two “nevers” to protect your sensitive account information: Never respond to emails asking for PINs or passwords, and never open suspicious attachments that could contain keystroke-logging malware. Be wary of foreign suppliers giving new wire transfer information..
  3. Secure your smartphone
    Require all company phones to use security programs that lock the screen after a certain amount of time, requiring a password or fingerprint to open. Use secure mobile apps for financial transactions.
  4. Update your computers
    For computers and mobile devices alike, operating system updates often fix security flaws with the latest patches. Waiting too long to update can leave your devices vulnerable.
  5. Report fraud to the proper authorities
    The Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft site and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center are both good places to report suspected crimes to the appropriate authorities. Find links to these and other sites here.
  6. Review account access
    Business account owners should conduct a periodic risk assessment and review who has access to the business accounts and other sensitive information about the business. User access should be carefully granted to trusted employees.

If you suspect one of your accounts has been compromised, contact us at 800.365.1111 as soon as possible to address the situation. 

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