Support small businesses by shopping local for the holidays

OCCU  -  10.21.2020
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It’s been a tough year for local businesses. Through these lean times, many small business owners are trying to stay afloat.

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in our local businesses. These are our friends and neighbors; the revenue small businesses earn generates more prosperity within our community. When you spend your money at a small business, it helps fuel our local economy so we can all continue to thrive. A good holiday season this year could mean everything to your favorite neighborhood shop.

Will you join us in giving small businesses a lift this holiday season? Here’s how you can help:

Buy gifts from local businesses

In the bustle of the holidays, it’s tempting to opt for the best deal or the most convenient option. Before you order or shop for your gifts, think about where your money is going.

Holiday shopping isn’t just about what you buy. Each dollar you spend helps to support the business you spend it with. Take a moment to consider who you’d rather support with your dollars: shareholders in another part of the country, or small business owners and employees within your own community?

Shopping at local small businesses may not always be the easiest or cheapest option, but it allows you to make a greater and more conscious impact with your spending. Every gift you buy locally will be even more meaningful to both you and the recipient.

Amplify their voices

You don’t necessarily need to spend money to give small businesses a hand during the holidays. You can use your social media platforms to help raise their visibility by showing your support through likes, follows and shares. It only takes a minute and it’s completely free.

The things you share on social media express who you are, and there’s no better time to show your social network that you’re a supporter of local businesses. Small business owners face a lot of competition and it’s expensive to cut through the clamor with advertising. Your social shares would be a valuable gift.

Spread the word

Reputation means everything to a small neighborhood shop, and positive word of mouth can have a powerful impact on their bottom line. People tend to trust the recommendations of friends and family to help make them choices.

Got a favorite quirky boutique? Just stumbled on a hidden brick and mortar? Don’t be shy. Tell everyone you know about the great local businesses tucked into the nooks and crannies of our neighborhoods. When you refer friends and family members to small businesses, you’re not just helping out the owners. You’re also helping your loved ones explore and discover what their own community has to offer.

With the spirit of giving in the air, let’s not forget to give back to the small businesses that are the beating heart of our local economy. When you support them, the ripple effects spread outward and touch everyone around you.

We’re a credit union not only with community in its name but community at its core. Thank you for being a member and joining in to support the small businesses that help our communities grow.