Here’s how OCCU is still here to support you and your money goals – even in a rocky economy

OCCU  -  06.22.2022

We’re living through turbulent times, and the news headlines haven’t been encouraging lately — especially regarding the economy. The experts are forecasting tight times ahead, and we’re already feeling it at the gas pump, at the checkout line and in our bank accounts.

Things are shifting all around us, and we’re not yet sure where they’re going to land.

When you’re on financially shaky ground, relief can be hard to find. The people who need credit most often have the hardest time getting it. And in a challenging economy, balancing your immediate needs with your long-term financial health can feel like walking a tightrope.

In these uncertain times, OCCU can serve as your safety net.

In a world where profits often seem to matter more than people, we want you to know you matter to us. We’re not here to make money — we’re here to make you money. And when times are tight, we’re here to support you through the rough patch and make sure you come out financially healthy on the other side.

Tell us your story

We’re all on a different financial journey, and sometimes we encounter roadblocks. The best way to get past these challenges is to talk to a financial partner who will listen to your story and gain a deeper understanding of your situation before recommending a way forward.

We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your financial challenges, just like we understand that we’re all coming from a different place — and no matter where we’re at now, we all deserve to thrive and grow from here. At OCCU we meet you wherever you are, and that starts with hearing your story. 

Whenever you need us, our team is ready to listen.

Let’s talk solutions

Once we understand what you need now and what your future goals are, we can help you figure out how to bridge the gap. Whether you’re planning for the future, ready to start saving or just trying to make it through the month, we’ve created many solutions that meet you where you are. For example, we can help you:

  • Lower your monthly bills by transferring your high-interest credit card debt to a lower-interest OCCU credit card.
  • Ease up your budget by skipping a payment on your existing OCCU loan through our Skip-A-Pay program.
  • Avoid overdraft fees with a personal line of credit that can serve as overdraft protection on your account.
  • Get quick relief in an emergency with Priority Cash®, a one-time loan that’s based on your relationship with us — not your credit.
  • Build up your safety net with an Ignite Savings account, which earns more on the first $500 you deposit.
  • Work through unexpected times with our dedicated member impact program.

We’re growing together

Throughout the pandemic, OCCU has kept on growing and building more ways to meet the needs of our community while serving our members in as many ways as possible. The more we grow, the more you grow — and vice versa.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from these past few years, it’s that we’re stronger as a community than we are alone. Sometimes the strongest thing you can do is ask for help when you need it. So let us be your solid rock to lean on during these rocky times, and let’s keep growing together.