An OCCU vehicle loan for every new adventure

OCCU  -  06.24.2021

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The open road is calling.

Do you feel it?

After a long year of lockdowns and social distancing, the urge to hit the open road is stronger than ever. These past months have been an adventure, of sorts, but there’s only so much inner exploration a person can do before the craving for excitement and new experiences sets in.

While the pandemic isn’t over yet and we all still need to be cautious, there’s nothing wrong with getting outside and enjoying a little of that freedom you’ve been longing for on the open road. If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably already got your next great adventure in mind. Now all you need is the right vehicle to take you there.

Wherever you’re headed this summer, OCCU can help you finance the right wheels (or vessel) to take you there. Our vehicle loans aren’t just for buying automobiles. We also finance motorcycles, boats and RVs. With low interest rates and tools to assist you with your vehicle search, we’ll help you make the most of your much-needed summer adventure.

But first things first: Where are you headed?

Camping in the great outdoors

You’re longing to break free of the walls that you’ve been staring at this past year. You want to feel the expansiveness of nature, to sleep under the stars and listen to the wind in the trees. There’s nothing more emblematic of life in the Pacific Northwest than camping. Coast, forest, mountains, high desert—we have it all.

But camping doesn’t have to mean pitching a tent or sacrificing your comforts. With an RV, you can be close to nature and still enjoy the amenities of home. You won’t have to work as hard at setting up camp, which means you can spend more time relaxing and exploring your surroundings. Plus, you’ll stay dry and cozy even if it rains.

Road trip to a national park

Maybe you’ve been contemplating that life is for adventures, and it’s time start crossing items off your bucket list. A road trip to one of our nation’s iconic national parks might be just what you need. From Yellowstone to Yosemite, from the Grand Canyon to Grand Teton, exploring a national park can be a great way to reap your share of the American experience while safely social distancing.

Before you hit the road, consider whether you might need an auto upgrade first. Is your current car’s roadworthiness a little questionable? Want some extra leg room or a few amenities to make the long drive more comfortable? Now might be a good time to trade in your older model or add a much-needed extra vehicle to your family’s fleet. Our loan calculator can help you research what monthly payment will fit your budget.

Fun on the water

The summers are getting hotter. We all feel it. But water is nature’s air conditioner—and in the Pacific Northwest there’s no shortage of lakes, rivers and beaches to choose from. By joining our thriving community of avid boaters out on the water, you can get out and be around people while staying safe and socially distant on your own vessel.

Whether you prefer the rush of a waterskiing adventure or the tranquility of a fishing trip on a glassy lake, owning a boat gives you access to whole new range of outdoor experiences. Before you buy, consider what types of boating experiences you want to have and choose a vessel that can accommodate your needs.

Exploring highways and backroads

Sometimes it’s not about where you’re going but how you get there. Are you more about the journey than the destination? Do you prefer to ditch the windshield and feel the wind in your face? Do you crave a little extra adrenaline in your adventures? A motorcycle might be the vehicle for you.

Few things in life feel more freeing than a motorcycle ride through a gorgeous countryside or down a coastal highway. When you’re on a bike, you’re not just looking at the scenery; you become part of it. Plus, riding with a group can be another way to enjoy a little community while staying COVID-safe.

Whatever summer adventures you’ve got planned, having the right vehicle can make all the difference. Ready for a new vehicle or looking to refinance? We’re here to help you zip through the loan process. Start your new adventures — apply online for a vehicle loan with OCCU today.