Give your savings a boost with Change Jar

Savings bank jar image
OCCU  -  04.07.2016

When you keep the change, reaching your savings goal is simple. Whether it was an old milk jug or pickle jar, we’ve all used a change jar as a place to put loose change for a rainy day. Over time, this change can really add up! That’s why we’re offering an automatic change jar tied directly to your checking account.

With our Change Jar savings program, everyday purchases on your OCCU debit card like groceries, coffee and dinners out can automatically add up to more money in your savings account.

Here's how it works

The Change Jar savings program is simple. Once you enroll in the program and use your debit card* to make everyday purchases, we’ll:

  • Round up your purchases to the nearest dollar amount.

  • Automatically transfer the difference of the day’s purchases from your checking account to your savings account.


Purchase Amount Rounded up to Transferred to savings
$1.99 $2.00 $0.01
$3.50 $4.00 $0.50
$28.00 no rounding $0.00
$67.03 $68.00 $0.97
Total Savings $1.48

Getting started is easy. All you need is an active OCCU checking account, savings account and debit card. If you’d like to enroll in the program, give us a call, send a secure message in internet banking or stop by your local branch to start saving today.

*Upon enrollment, we will round up your OCCU debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference from your checking account to your Primary savings account once each day in a single transfer (“Change Jar” transfer). If you do not have sufficient funds available in your checking account, or if any transaction has overdrawn your checking account, we will not round up daily purchases and we will not make the Change Jar transfer for that day. Change Jar is only available on debit cards linked to OCCU consumer checking accounts. Change Jar is currently not available on OCCU business checking accounts. The Change Jar service is subject to change at any time.